case studies.

Over the past decade I have helped a number of clients and employers with complex undertakings in information risk. Here are some simple case studies.

writing guidance for a trade association

Coming October 2018.

IT compliance at a Japanese bank


Instituting the ITIL functions of incident management and change management at a Japanese bank.

agile in a regulated environment


Agile software delivery is about quick increments of software, while regulated environments like checks and controls. Reconciling them is the trick.

obtaining SOC-2 reports at a technology vendor


A technology & service provider can have great products and still get nowhere because the clients lack trust. An enterprise risk function can overcome this through tangible results such as SO

implementing PHI de-identification


US-based multinational specializing in health information required a data anonymization process to replace a legacy system.

SDLC in a regulated environment


Regulated industries cannot tolerate failed software releases. For a software vendor in a regulated industry, the challenge is to deliver software with new functionality, yet not impact the s